Looking At How Creationists Quote Evolutionists: The Revised Quote Book

About ten years ago the Creation Science Foundation of Brisbane, Australia, produced The Quote Book, which contained quotations from some mainstream evolutionists, some anti-Darwinists, and a few non-Biblical (“New Age”) creationists, that appeared to raise grave questions regarding the validity of the theory of evolution. Soon afterwards, it was pointed out to the editors of The Quote Book that some of the quotations were “somewhat different from the originals.” The Creation Science Foundation then produced The Revised Quote Book (copyright 1990). And the editors claim they have “Painstakingly checked each reference ... New and better quotations have been added ...

Efforts have been made to replace quotes from older publications with near-identical ones from modern sources ... [and]

Great care has been taken to avoid charges of quoting out of context.

“Great care?” We shall see. In each issue of Cretinism or Evilution? we will examine one or more quotations that appear in The Revised Quote Book, not merely for accuracy of reproduction, but in order to determine their scientific significance and context to see if what each quotation says is what creationists think it says.

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