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Written by Ed Babinski in the *mid-latter 1990s, this series provides scientific inquiry on a number of themes related to the Creation vs. Evolution debate, including Geocentrism, Heliocentrism and the Biblical Flat Earth, Human and Animal Evolution. Including some pithy and insightful criticism of Darwin's critics. *Originally for Talk Origins

Cretinism or Evilution?

Number 1, Winter-Spring 1995

Cretinism or Evilution?

Number 2, Summer 1995

    • Forget about the "evils of Darwinism", some creationists say the initial blame lies with the "evils of Copernicanism!"
    • Henry Morris on the existence of other planets circling distant stars
    • Is the Earth the "Center of God's interest" with the rest of the cosmos providing various essential services for the earth and its inhabitants?
    • Parallels between creationists and geocentrists
    • From abandoning geocentrism to accepting evolution: a "liberal trend" among evangelical christians?

Cretinism or Evilution?

Number 3, Winter/Spring 1996

Creationist Tall Tales!

    • A Ninety-Foot Tall Plum Tree! - (Bearing green leaves and fruit found frozen on an island hundreds of miles north of the arctic circle!)
    • Further quotations from Darwin on "Design"
    • Darwinism: Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated

"Social Darwinism"

Also of interest is the statement in the press release for the Dictionary of Darwinism and of Evolution: "To combat the endless distortions of Darwin's ideas, an international team of 150 specialists in the biological sciences and human studies has, over a period of 10 years, achieved an historical and critical synthesis of Darwinism and evolutionary theory. At last the matter has been clarified: Darwin is not the father of modern anti-egalitarian theories; Darwin is the founder neither of negative eugenics nor of dogmas of the elimination of the weak; Darwin is not the justifier of Victorian imperialism, in short, Darwin is not responsible for Social Darwinism.'"

Likewise, Peter J. Bowler (of Queen's University, Belfast) in his recent book, Darwinism (Twayne, 1993), discusses the uses of the concept "Social Darwinism" and shows how such uses are often illogical extensions of the theory of evolution and natural selection. Another lesson for creationists to ponder.


Cretinism or Evilution?

Number 4 and 5

Summer/Fall 1996, Winter/Spring 1997

Why We Believe in a Designer!

    • E. T. Babinski's "Cretinism or Evilution" speech at Dragon-Con in Atlanta, June 1996; or, "There is no joy in Eden, for creationism has struck out"
    • The most provocative things ever said about the way God "designed" the cosmos
    • Natural selections from Uncle Ed's holy book

"A preacher thundering from his pulpit about the uniqueness of human beings with their God-given souls would not like to realize that his very gestures, the hairs that rose on his neck, the deepened tones of his outraged voice, and the perspiration that probably ran down his skin under clerical vestments are all manifestations of anger in mammals. If he was sneering at Darwin a bit (one does not need a mirror to know that one sneers), did he remember uncomfortably that a sneer is derived from an animal's lifting its lip to remind an enemy of its fangs? Even while he was denying the principle of evolution, how could a vehement man doubt such intimate evidence?"


"1996 presidential contender, Pat Buchanan, said something along the lines of `You may believe that you're descended from monkeys, but I believe you're a creature of God.' I guess that Buchanan hadn't considered that one of the basic tenets of Christianity is that God is the Creator of everything, including `monkeys.' It seems to me that one of the basic reasons behind the so-called `creationism' is the feeling that somehow parts of God's creation are not worthy of being our ancestors."


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